About Me

My name is Brigitte Morris. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, in a French-Canadian family.

I’ve always been a busy body but most importantly, I’ve always loved having my independence. In my early 20s, I moved out of my parents house, was putting money away towards my retirement, and was traveling the World. I was able to budget my money, allowing me to do things I wanted without any debt.

I met my husband Jason at a Taekwon-Do event and shorlty after, at 26, I moved to California when we got married. We immediately founded the brand Mightyfist, whose entire operations I manage to this day.

The following year, I was elected to the ITF-USA Board of Directors, becoming the first woman on the Board and the youngest ever board member, and serving as Treasurer for five years. Over the next few years, I was a member of Team USA as an athlete and/or coach, representing the USA at the World Championships. I have organized multiple successful and prestigious international events like the first, and only, IIC at Sea  (a Taekwon-Do event on a cruise ship) and the Mightyfist Cups in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As a 5th Degree black belt in ITF Taekwon-Do, I’m a minority in martial arts, so I wanted to inspired more girls and women to start training and most importantly, keep training throughout their life. I designed the Mightyfist silk scarves as a symbol of strength and empowerment, and to celebrate the progress and achievements of women in martial arts. Continuing with my passion of empowering women, I was choosen to be a member of the first ITF Women’s Committee, and helped form the ITF-USA Women’s Committee.

At 34, I launched my YouTube channel, talking about my Crohn’s disease and the diet I follow that helped me heal from this horrible disease, in hopes that I can help and inspire others going through a similar situation. That same year, I started modeling and since then, I have been published over 18 times with multiple cover publications.

At 35, I am publishing my first book/magazine and lauching my own website linking all aspects of my life. I’m excited for the future and where I end up next.